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What can be used to measure liquid nitrogen temperature?

  1. Jul 14, 2014 #1

    I'm looking for a common electronic component that can be used to determine a temperature between room temperature and that of liquid nitrogen.

    -Multimetre probe failed, getting stuck at -135*C
    -Common NTC thermistors rapidly ascent past gigaohm range, even from 1Ω-5Ω initial values
    -A ceramic capacitor looses a consistent amount of capacitance between here and there, but the capacitance keeps slowly trickling away at LN2 temperature (and i don't have a clue at what relationship is there between the C and T).
    -A common resistor does not loose or gain any significant or consistent amount of resistance.
    -A cr2032 battery ceases to work sharply

    So, the question is - what is a practical way to measure such temperatures, without sourcing special probes and components?

    The only thing that gives consistent data points on both ends is the ceramic capacitor - is it a valid temperature sensor? How exactly does it respond to temperature?
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