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What can I do in this academic situation?

  1. Aug 6, 2015 #1
    What can I do in this academic situation?
    1. Recently I am doing good in MCQ(objective) like 70,71,78... out of 80 but I am doing worse in subjective/creative like 19,18,15,24,29 out of 30.

    2. My hand writing is good but in the exam hall I have to write faster so I write quickly and little bit worse but I can't finish the question fully I kept left the questions without writing conclusion.And also I consume my time in exam thinking the answer of question.

    3. In school,5 chapters out 14 has finished in science,but I have left only 3 months.There also aren't any expert teacher on that subject.

    4. One thing to mention about MCQ(Objective) that when tick a answer which is surely correct I think that answer is wrong when I check the book @home but I thought I would get 80/80.

    5. In MCQ there 4 answers ,sometimes there two answers are very similar but I have to choose only one option.

    6. At any cost I have to get a talent-pool scholarship on JSC,a public exam in BD for class 8.

    Please suggest me.Note that I got scholarship in PEC,a public exam in BD for class 5.
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    Just to clarify, by "MCQ," I gather you mean "Multiple Choice Questions"?

    'Not sure about the other abbreviations. You have a couple of links, but they appear to be broken.
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    Those aren't links when I was writing this in quora.com those came,thanks for u reply and MCQ is same in all country I guess
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    Sorry, but I can't really comprehend your questions, nor can I even discern your needs. I would sympathize if I thought you were an English as a second language poster, but your use of abbreviations and general writing just conveys a lack of structure and no real regard for your reader.
    This is my opinion and I apologize in advance if you are an ESL poster.
  6. Aug 10, 2015 #5
    extremely sorry,I think I am doing it like spam,I need to delete it
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