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What career options would suit me?

  1. Oct 30, 2015 #1
    I seem to naturally do really well in my sciences, always getting above 70% ( 3rd in biology, 1st physics and 3rd in chemistry classes) especially problem solving in physics, eg when the class has to set up an experiment to test things I always seem to lead the class and figure things out.
    BUT I am terrible at English, barely passing my last two exams, and I failed maths by 2%

    I have the most fun in physics and just wish i had it all day long... What careers would suit my style?
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    It's difficult to tell anyone what career they are suited for based on performance in academic subjects alone.

    If you are struggling with math, a career in the sciences is going to be extremely difficult. But one question you might want to ask yourself is why you are struggling? Is this something you put effort into, but struggle anyway? Or do you have a difficult time motivating yourself to study for it in the first place? Do your instructors have any insight to offer at how you might improve? Doing well in science classes should signal to you that you have the capacity to do well in other classes. At this stage of the game you might want to figure out how to go from failing or barely passing to building a solid foundation in these subjects.

    After that, it's about exploration. You have to figure out what kind of vocation appeals to you. What kinds of projects do you like? Do you like working with people? Are you skilled at organizing others?
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