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What countries are most in demand for engineers?

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    What countries could a US-educated engineer (electrical, mechanical, etc) find work easily in?
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    I have a question for you, why would you want to leave the USA?
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    Yes, there is plenty of work to be found in many countries. My question: What kind of engineering are you looking to do?

    If you're looking to do that sort of work, may I suggest the Peace Corp?
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    Heck, I wouldn't mind going to someplace like New Zealand or Australia.

    Also, yes, according to their immigration site, they need EE's and IE's (I didn't check ME).
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    It's not an insult to the US. I've thought the same thing. You want to see the world in an extended way or have a big big change in your life but you don't have the money to keep from working.
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    Well, Brazil needs engineers, especially Petroleum, Naval and Chemical.
    They will also pay you very well for Naval engineering, easily more than 100k dollars a year.
    But although it's not an African country(although they are all considered third world...), it's still a lot worse to live in than the US.
    No, there are no monkey in the streets(I bet there are not many monkeys left at all), health care is just as good as in the US(if you have the money since it's VERY expensive, if not you are going to die in a dirty public hospital)...
    But the main problem is that it's just violent, there are tons of gangs and the police is not as effective as in developed countries.
    That in the big cities of course, if you are going to live in the Amazon, you're going to live in modern day stone age. And life will be incredibly short.
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    You could give contitental Europe a try. Many countries have strong industries and routinely employ lots of engineerers. Immigration to the EU is also much easier than immigration to the US. If you are going for a big company it is also quite possible to be employed without speaking the local language (except in France, I guess; and you'd really want to learn the local language at some point in time to simplify everyday life.)
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    Just want to see if there's any more input on this matter.
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