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What does it take to design a high pressure solar boiler

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    Hi everyone,

    I intend to design a high pressure solar central tower boiler/receiver that can output super heated steam. The idea here is that the solar receiver receives about 800Kw of solar radiation and uses it boil water (36C) to about 590C/150bar.

    My educational background is not mechanical engineering and so I decided to study the appropriate subjects and acquire the required skills. Based on what I understand about boiler design, I feel that I need to learn the following subjects:

    1. Fundamentals of Heat and Mass Transfer (incropera)

    2. Fluid mechanics (Munson, young)

    3. Thermal stress

    4. Boilers, Evaporators, and Condensers
    Heat Exchangers: Selection, Rating, and Thermal Design, Second Edition
    Pressure vessel design
    Process Heat Transfer: Principles and Applications

    Modeling Software:
    a. FEHT
    b. EES
    c. FlowLab/Fluent

    i. Is this list complete? Am I missing something?

    ii. Is there any other software that I should focus on?

    iii. Any short cuts (I doubt if there are any)?

    iv. A student version of flowlab seems be available if we purchase “Fundamentals Fluid-Mechanics-Bruce-Munson”. Does this give me a good start with flowlab & fluent or should I simply purchase a student copy of fluent & flowlab and go from there?

    v. Whats the best book for point 4?

    Any advice is highly appreciated.

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    i: Psychrometrics and thermodynamics possibly?
    ii: not sure on any software
    iii: no
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