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What function was used for current record of decimal places of EM cnst

  1. Mar 6, 2014 #1
    The record for the number of decimal places of accuracy for the Euler-Mascheroni constant stands at just over 29,000,000,000 decimal places set by Alexander J. Yee & Raymond Chan back in 2009. Does anyone know what function they used to set this record?

    On further searching the record now stands at 31,000,000,000 decimal places, Wow!
    How do we update wikipedia? :P
    Make that 119,377,958,182 :biggrin:
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    Took care of it.
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    I looked through those before, it seems the fastest converging of the bunch is the one done by Flajolet and Vardi in '96 although I do not understand how the 'n' is used so could be wrong.

    And yet another reason why I love PF.
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    I was on his site not too long ago, I have no idea how I miss these things...
    Thanks for the link, it has exactly what I was asking for!
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