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What has happened to Huffington Post?

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    Once upon a time, HP was a place where you could pop in to see what was up in current affairs and politics. They collected stories from WSJ, NYT, WaPo, and other sources and supplemented those with editorials. Now that AOL has taken over the site, there is an endless stream of "this wanna-be-famous-bimbo" wore short shorts or a sheer dress.... It's so petty. I don't care about what any of the Kardashians did yesterday. That's not news - it is shameless self-promotion, and HP gets paid to run it.

    So sad to see HP turned into a crappy tabloid.

    Is there another news site on the horizon? I'd sure like to know.
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    HP is suffering from lack of any good editorialship. If you squint it looks like it's just a blog hosting site with most consistent design amongst the blogs, that's why you get long uninformed rants on any topic. I lost all respect when they started posting intelligent design rubbish.
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    There is probably more ad revenue in being a crappy tabloid, which requires little effort.
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    Unfortunately, that might be true. They run a lot of stuff about bimbos that appear to be nothing more than press-agent releases. That's not news. I really don't care if Miley wore short-shorts with her cheeks peeking out or if some busty celebrity had a "wardrobe malfunction" or was teasing the photographers with a really sheer dress. AOL has really trashed that site.
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    HP had become a decent blog site, now it's just another trashy place to blog.
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    I dislike their poorly thought out articles that have incorrect information and opinions with agenda, and they are generally written to incite controversy or to stir people's emotions, often with multiple stereotypes in 1 article. They often seem to be written by people posing as experts, when in fact they know next to nothing. I swear that sometimes I think the extent of their knowledge and research on a topic they write about is a google search.
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    Last year the mayor of NY had 26 reporters arrested in one day to prevent them from covering Occupy Wall Street and nothing happened. Before that a Florida court decided Fox news was entitled to fire reporters for refusing to lie about even egregious public health hazards. If you ask me these days anyone in journalism with any semblance of a brain and personal integrity has found a new career. Of course, many of those who are left are destined to go into politics.
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