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Programs What impression does my website give of me? [for PhD applications]

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    Hey guys,

    I am running a homepage showing programs I created, as well as some artistic endeavors: www.airlich.de

    Within the next couple of weeks, I intend to write many emails asking informally about the availability of PhD positions. I am going to keep these emails short and won't cludder them with CVs or long texts (they can have that if they ask for it). But what I am going to add is some sentence like "I like programming and drawing the human figure, www.airlich.de might give some impressions".

    Could you take a look at that website and tell me what impressions you get from it?
    Do you have any advice on what should definitely be improved?

    Here's what I think:

    * The design is clear and readable.
    * I definitely have to add a section about myself, with some short text and a picture.
    * Unfortunately, some parts are still written in German, whereas newer stuff is in English. Although it's somewhat inconsistent it's not really worth the trouble of translating.

    What do you think? I'd be glad to hear your views.
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    Nice website. Do you already have your PhD, or are you applying to study for your PhD? What is your field of specialty, programming?

    You may want to tune the first few entries on the home page toward the position that you are applying for, if that is possible.
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    Thanks berkeman!

    No, I don't have a PhD yet, I want to start in Fall 2012. I am interested in General Relativity. But programming and visualising is always helpful.
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    I don't think any professor would click on the link given that sentence. We don't generally want to have a charcoal nude pop up on our screen... at least at work.

    Since you've modified the site (via Berkeman's suggestion) to tune the front page to science/mathy things, tune the sentence also. Maybe even highlight that double-pendulum visualization that won that award. (who doesn't love the double pendulum? I have one of http://store.exploratorium.edu/browse.cfm/pendulum-man/4,710.html" [Broken] on my fridge.)

    Perhaps attach your CV as a pdf in the email.

    It might also be premature to be sending this out (depending perhaps on where you're planning on applying, and what field). Our professors generally waited until the selection committee had selected a pool of applicants. Very rarely did they try to influence the process (even less so as time went on and the prestige of the program grew... professors pretty much trusted the committee that some of the new incoming students would interest them). Professors would really limit contact until a student had been accepted... at which point communication about a research position was given the green light ...but that's MY experience (at a large program). Other programs (smaller programs especially) might be different.
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