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I What is Determinisitic Operations Research?

  1. Mar 26, 2016 #1
    The course description:
    "This course provides a broad overview of deterministic operations research techniques. Linear programming will be covered including the simplex method, duality and sensitivity analysis. Further selected topics are from integer programming, dynamic programming, scheduling models, game theory, and associated topics. Prerequisite: Calculus 2 with a grade of C or higher"

    I was just wondering what this is exactly. The description literally means nothing to me. What type of math, and rigor would be expected in this class comparative to other branches? I am going to take it, I just want to know what time commitment I am going to expect to input into this class.

    Lastly, are there any other math courses that would be beneficial to have before taking this?
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    A lot of operations research attempts to find the best expected solution to a problem that includes some random behavior. The random behavior really complicates things. This class is for deterministic problems that have no random behavior. The topics described are several of the major topics for finding optimal solutions to particular problems. The math topics that will be used are simple slopes of linear functions. I don't see any topic that would involve nonlinear derivatives or gradients.
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