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What is everything all about?

  1. Nov 20, 2004 #1
    What is "everything" all about?

    Hello, everyone,

    I think I need some helps here... I am a man who holds my belief in nothing, I don't believe love, I don't believe humanity, I don't believe freedom and I don't believe life, also, I do not believe in the truth...

    Basically, I believe in nothing...

    The most important point I got to say here is about the truth, because I see this world as nothing... I don't see anything that is even more worthful than a penny... I cannot figure out the reason why we exist, and I also cannot figure out if we really exist, or all of these are just a dream...

    Am I crazy? Maybe... So, I need someone to offer some helps, if they see all these in a very simple way... alrite, anyway, thanks for reading it and take care...
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    You believe in physics do you not? And math? (judging from the fact that you study in engineering).

    It impossible for you to say, "I don't believe in anything", because that contradicts the fact that you don't believe in anything. It is like saying, "There is no truth".
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    you would like maya ( or maybe it is mayana cant remeber...) it says that everything that we think that is life, is a dream, and that we will wake at the end. i have absolutly no clue as to what will happen when it ends or what it will be like, but if that seems to interest you then investigate.

    My personal thougts on why we are here is for personal pleasure. Shoot holes in my idea if you want to but that is what it is right now.

    As for if we exist, investigate Decarte( or something like that, if i am wrong plz correct me) he basically said "I think, therefore, I am!". that was his first truth in his chain of logic.

    Everyone is a little bit crazy, im serous. ppl have rated craziness on a scale of -5 to 5 on certain issues. "normal" is 0. if you have more than or equal to 4 in a certain area, then you have that mental ailment. the reason that it is -5 to 5 is that mental ailments can go both ways. Ex: anerexic ppl think they are too fat, maybe there are ppl who think they are too skinny. ( dont take all of this as solid facts because i know this from talking to a friend, so my memory could be faulty or he could. check it out on your own.)

    And finally the only thing more worthful than a penny is A LOT OF PENNIES!!! :P
  5. Nov 20, 2004 #4
    You see, you do believe, you believe in “nothing” that’s a true believer :biggrin: . Every one else is +1 0r -1 you on the other hand are in equilibrium.
    What is a belief anyway, we make things up as we go along, based on what we see around us and what we perceive to be “real”,…. religion, freedom, Liberty , life, afterlife and death. The truth is we just don’t know, …. till we reach the other side (if there is an other side that is),……

    we know what religions claim,... we know what libertines claim….
    What troubles me most, is the state of the word today, so much pain and suffering, yet we are just bystanders in this ocean of misery. I hope if there is something after this, it is better then this…..

    And if there is a GOD, be it GOD of counterpoise & equilibrium or mythic lore, I hope humans play a more active role towards there destiny. What the hell am I typing …. I don’t know …. I hope it’s readable…
  6. Nov 20, 2004 #5
    Oh, Amir, thanks, I got to say that your comment does makes a lot of sense to me... thanks, for saying that I believe in nothing so I am a true believer. Yes, I had to say that I am always searching for the equilibirum point about everything, and that is the thing always drives me crazy~ o:)

    And also, thank you for the comment about the world (word? wrong spelling?) today, it is because there have so much pains living and that always makes me pessimistic. Sometimes I believe there is no much time left for our civilizations, like one hundred years maximum I guess... I also want to go back to the past to see if people really lives in a more ideal way than people in today's world...
  7. Nov 20, 2004 #6
    Yes, I had to say that I realized this logic long time ago, I mean, like "Never say never"... Honestly, I start to think in this contradicting way when I was three, I still remembered that I was once sleepless in the night just because I cannot find a solution for this contradiction!!!

    BTW, about physics and maths, yes, sometimes I believed in this very deeply (like the only thing real in this world)... but sometimes I become pessimistic because it is not that easy to learn it...
  8. Nov 20, 2004 #7
    Hello, well, honestly I think your reason for our existance is quite a good, at least practical and realistic... and I don't want to shoot any holes about it. I do actually want to shoot some holes in your last sentence, but sadly I can not think of any evidence that makes sense right now... (BTW, it is very practical and realistic as well...)

    Your comment about craziness test is interesting and I hope it is a fact, but sadly I hardly can find it on the Internet...

    Finally, about Decarte (if it is correct...), are you talking about pure mentalism? I am not quite sure actually because I did not comprehense it very well... alrite, thanks for your reply anyway...
  9. Nov 21, 2004 #8
    my apologies. the name is RENÉ DESCARTES . and he made some stupid mistakes so try to look up a revised version of his( it should be revised because it was made in the renessaince) u should like that. it might have something to do with pure mentalism, i have never seen his complete works but from what i have read/heard it could be.
  10. Nov 21, 2004 #9
    Rene Descartes' chain of reasoning did not begin with "I think therefore I am"; that was his conclusion. His line of reasoning began, like yours, with doubting the existence of everything, including himself, but even if he could legitimately doubt his own existence, what was doing the doubting? It can be said that his chain of reasoning began with, "I doubt therefore I am".

  11. Nov 21, 2004 #10
    I apprecaite you sharing your knowledge aguy2, thank you for correcting me.I am sorry that i misinformed ThomasJoe40.

    Thomas about your earlier post about i want to go back to see if it was better. Try looking up stuff about the sexual revolution. that might help. Of course you might have already heard about it, in that case i tried.
  12. Nov 23, 2004 #11
    That is OK! Thanks a lot for that~ Is sexual revolution happened during the 0's in America? Anyway, I will look up what you recommanded~

    Aguy2, thanks a lot for that... I wasn't expected that much helps for this sort of abstract problem~ So, yes, I think there have some characteristics of me similar to this Rene Descartes philosopher, both doubtful...
  13. Nov 23, 2004 #12
    Seems that you may believe in an answer to this(these) questions that you bring to this forum. I have a question; If one(yourself) believes in nothing then why put forth the effort of even asking these question? Why are you a student? Why do you wake up and go to class to achieve a degree in an subject that you don't believe in? Too say that you don't believe in nothing has no meaning to me. You believe in your opinion of not believing in anything. Just goes too say........
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