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What is more beneficial: light as a wave or light as a particle?

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    So which would be more beneficial and why? Would light be better off as just a particle or wave? How would it be more beneficial and what would it mean in 'every day life'?
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    Please start by reading the FAQ subforum in the General Physics forum. It may be an eye-opener to you that in QM, we DON'T have to make such a choice.

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    If a photon could only be either one or the other, then this Universe would be a totally different one. A photon is a photon and that's what it is.

    Plenty of things are 'different' depending on the context. A coal miner may be a father, a singer and a football fan. They are not mutually exclusive descriptions and nor are the two common descriptions of photons.
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    Asking what the Universe would be like if something were different is fraught with philosophical difficulty. Have a look at anthropic arguments about our existence for some discussion on this.
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    Beneficial to who/what?
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