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What is most likely to be the actual explanation of gravity?

  1. Mar 14, 2013 #1
    I am studying general relativity and quantum physics at the moment and as you know each theory has a different explanation for gravity and now the string theory has a different one too (afaik) so what is most likely to be the actual explanation of gravity?
    General relativity seems very logical but I read somewhere that it doesn't explain why gravity is so much weaker than electromagnetism and the nuclear force.
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    Physics is not about "actual" explanations of the world, it just invents models. General relativity is a very good model, and all better models should lead to something similar to a variable spacetime in situations where quantum mechanics can be neglected.

    This is true, and a more fundamental theory might be able to predict this based on more basic assumptions. But it will always stay an observation, and our theories are made to reflect this.
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