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What is the Coal Vein ?

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    What is the "Coal Vein"?

    I've just heard this term, and am almost completely ignorant as to its meaning. What is the defintion of the "coal vein"? Where is it found?

    Any information (or a link) about the "coal vein" is appreciated.
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    I've heard the term "vein" relating to minerals before. I believe it is due to fissures forming in old hard rock, and mineral rich sedimentation filling the cracks. I have no backing for this, it is just the way I always imagined it.

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    Here is a database of Pennsylvania Coal Veins:


    There also seems to be a town in North Dakota, Burning Coal Vein.

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    Any more information?
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    You can find the location of coal veins here: http://www.dep.state.pa.us/dms_apps/anthracite3.asp?vein=Zero
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