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What is the definition of distance between a point and a set of points?

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    for simplicity, consider the real number space
    the distance between two points x, y (two reals) is [tex]|x - y|[/tex]
    Is there a definition of distance between a point x and a subset of R, such as an interval (a, b)?

    If there isn't any, how would you define it, such that there are some meaningful constructions?
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    Maybe the distance between a point and the locus {}
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    The standard definition of the distance between a point x and a set S is:

    [tex]d(x,S)=\inf\lbrace d(x,y)\colon y\in S\rbrace[/tex]

    where d is your distance function.

    Basically, the distance between a point and a set is the minimum distance between the point and every element in the set. That's not completely correct, since there may not be a minimum (which is why we use "inf" and not "min"), but that's the basic idea.
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    according to the definition, the distance between 1 and (2,3) is the inf which is |1 - 2| = 1?
    If the set is an empty set, what is the distance?
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    The DEFINITION of "the distance between the point p and the set of points A" is
    "The greatest lower bound of all distances from p to each point in A"

    That is guaranteed (by the greatest lower bound property) to exist as long as A is NOT EMPTY.

    The distance from a point to the empty set is not defined.
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