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What is the difference between AA and AAA batteries?

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    What is the difference between AA and AAA batteries? Will the output voltage of 3 AAA and 4AA be same?
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    Yes. They have the same voltage, but AA batteries store more energy than AAA.
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    Ok.thank you
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    Physical size and energy storage capacity. The voltage on light loads will be the same = 1.5V for alkaline cells.

    No. The voltage of 3AAA will be around 4.5V and 4AA will be around 6V.
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    as will 4 AAA 's
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    Jumping onto his thread for a question I had, will AA batteries output more current than AAA will?
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    Caveat being that the OP didn't specify series or parallel wiring, so we can't be sure which is the right answer.
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    More total energy for sure, more current probably -- that's a function of internal resistance of the battery, which should be lower for the AA.
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    Depends on the battery technology, so let's talk alkaline.

    The difference between AA and AAA alkaline batteries is the physical size and the capacity, generally measured in milliamp-hours.
    The range varies depending on the manufacturer and the battery line.
    AA (50ma draw) 1800–2600 mAh
    AAA (50ma draw) 860–1,200 mAh

    The max current capability will be more for a AA given the same battery family (technology and "style")
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