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What is the flow through pipe in an open channel?

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    I know this is easy but i need to know the flow velocity through a pipe reducing in diameter inside a canal. upload_2015-6-4_9-46-0.png
    water velocity is 3m/s
    water depth is 1.5 m
    the pipe is at the bottom
    inlet diameter 0.9m
    small reduced diameter 0.6m
    outlet diameter = 0.8m

    note: this is an open canal with velocity 3m/s
    canal width is 6.096 m

    At least tell me how this should be approached
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    Please provide more information regarding the location of nozzle wrt canal and how is the flow characteristics(laminar or turbulant)?

    And as the nozzle is on open canal this property will also affect the flow velocity:
    Though it is for pipe flow it will also affect canal flow so the velocity profile will not be linear.
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    Flow is turbulent..
    the nozzle is at the center and at the bottom.
    please mention any assumption you are taking .. can this be done using energy balance ?
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