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What is the forefront of research in energy?

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    Essentially, I'm wondering (knowing virtually nothing at present), what is at the front of modern research in the realm of energy. Whether this be renewable energy, or simply more efficient ways of using energy (e.g. fuel cells?). I assume nuclear fusion will be mentioned too, so what obstacles are there still to overcome there? Is there one, or several, particular modes of energy production that seem to be the 'front-runner' for the future?

    Thanks in advance.
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    This is a very broad question. You didn't even specify what kind of energy you are referring to, though you imply electrical energy...
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    @russ_watters was right, your question is very broad. So here are two very broad answers.

    Power generation methods are faddisth, they come, they peak, they fade away with the centuries. Here are two areas that you can safely bet will remain popular for the entirety of a 45 year working career.
    1. Energy conservation.resulting in reduced energy consumption.
    2. Energy costs (both $ cost and environmental cost).
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