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What is the length of Chromatosomal DNA?

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    I see various sources:
    1. Karp- Cell biology
    2. some papers
    3. Michael M. Cox - Molecular Biology
    mention different values for the length of DNA associated with the nucleosomes (Octamer and H1); 168bp and 200bp. I'm a lost. Is there any paper that has settled this confusion once and for all?
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    Canonically, the nucleosome core particle wraps 147 bp. Varying studies come up with different numbers protected by the linker histone (H1), for example, see paragraph 6 of http://www.nature.com/nsmb/journal/v5/n12/full/nsb1298_1025.html. A very recent structure of the ncp + linker histone used 197 bp of DNA, so ~200 bp may be the more generally accepted number now: http://www.cell.com/molecular-cell/fulltext/S1097-2765(17)30268-X I do know that there has been controversy over how H1 engages the ncp, and I'm not sure whether the field sees the Mol Cell paper as a definitive answer or if other groups have data in the works to support other structural models.
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