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What is the magnetic permeability of clay?

  1. I am trying to apply the law of mixtures to a clay-steel magnetic composite. To determine the optimal ratio per unit mass I need the permeability of steel and clay and the density of steel and clay. The permeability permeability of steel and the density of steel and clay is easy enough to find. The permeability of clay is another story.

    When I google it I usually find permeability in a "permeable by water" sense, not the "permeable by magnetism" sense.

    Anyone have this value or know where to find it?

    Thanks for ANY help you can provide!
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  4. tiny-tim

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    in case you're wondering, i googled "magnetic permeability" of clay (with the quotes), and it was the third hit :wink:
  5. You will get bizarre claims with the so-called "law" of mixtures. Magnetic flux needs a path to, sort of, percolate through you mix.

    To the very least, you should apply proportions to the reciprocals of permeability. This will be less false.
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