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I What is the maximum triangle?

  1. Jun 24, 2017 #1
    I know that if a triangle have it edge // to each orther then it í the maximum triangle.

    Pls explain i dont understand hơ thí even possible
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    i wanna ask question but where should i enter
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    well go on tho the category you want to ask and click the

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    With parallel sides, it isn't a triangle anymore. Except you're not using Euclidean geometry. So a) where are the triangles defined on, and b) what does "maximal" mean: circumference, area, one angle, a side?
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    it's some type of geometry that i dont remember the name
  7. Jun 24, 2017 #6
    it's called Lobachevshy-Bolyai geometry
  8. Jun 24, 2017 #7
    or sometime called Hyperbolic geometry
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    You simply apply the hyperbolic axiom:

    For any given line R and point P not on R, in the plane containing both line R and point P
    there are at least two distinct lines through P that do not intersect R.

    This is a given fact. So with two points on R, and a point P, not on R, we have three different points which define a triangle. And the two lines through P with the line R are parallel and the sides of the triangle. (Not quite sure about the sides.)

    What maximal means, still depends on your measure.
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