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What is the need to find the speed of light ?

  1. Jan 27, 2016 #1
    What is the need to find the speed of light in a specific medium ?
    How will knowing that light travels at 0.723c in gelatin going to help us ?
    not just gelatin but any medium in general
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    Suraj M

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    To find the refractive index?
    To judge the optical density?
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    Who says there IS a need? If you find something discussing finding the speed of light in a medium that same discussion is likely to include some indication of WHY there is a usefulness to finding it.

    I guess basically what I'm asking is, what is the point of your question?
  5. Jan 27, 2016 #4
    if you are interested in physics you want to determine as much as possible.
    What is the charge on an electron? Are they all the same?
    What is the force between 2 masses a certain distance apart
    These, and more, are the basis of physics knowledge
    Keep looking and hope that you find an anomaly. Then you are a star
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    And, why does there need to be a need. Why can't it just be a matter of wanting to know?
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    Try to get funding with that kind of a reason.

  8. Jan 27, 2016 #7
    Haha. Luckily I'm too young for that. But yeah, i suppose if i want a career in physics, I'll need to think of good reasons.
  9. Jan 27, 2016 #8


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    One obvious reason is to find out the refraction angles at the surface. The index of refraction is the most important parameter in making a lens.
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