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What is the Physics of this Obervation?

  1. Dec 24, 2014 #1

    I am interested in the physics of this system:

    In the second stock of a building is a kitchen with two doors. One door is to a balcony and this door dos not close properly. The second door goes into a floor of the house.

    I like to know what physically happens in the following objection: If the door to the floor is closed, than the door to the kitchen holds, but if the door to the floor is opend, than the kitchen door opens.

    How to physically explain this? I guess it has to do with the pressure outside and the pressure inside the kitchen with opend and closed door to the floor.

    Could you explain this please and is my idea correctly?

    What does Thermodynamics say to this?

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    Stephen Tashi

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    I suggest you open one door and temporarily tape a sheet of plastic over the opening. Observe whether the plastic bulges in or out with air pressure when you open and close the other door. Theory should proceed hand and hand with experiment.
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    Yes, if you close off all possibility of airflow through the room, there will be no air movement to push against the loose door. But surely there must be times when the prevailing breeze is from a direction such that you can have the interior door open yet the external door remains shut? Not even occasionally do you find this is possible?
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