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What is the purpose of the groove in this knife?

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    It is not a folding knife.

    And it's too small to act similar to a "Granton Edge" that prevents slices from sticking.

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    It's for a thumbnail to grab the blade for when you want open the pocketknife. If it's not a pocketknife then maybe it was a blade that was repurposed.
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    It might be a small fuller to lighten that part of the blade while still keeping most of the stiffness.
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    @DaveC426913 could you have made that photo any harder to see :-p
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    Yes, I think this is the main reason.
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    I agree with jedishrfu. If it is not now a folding knife, it must once have been. Someone put the blade in a new handle. Knife making is a surprisingly common hobby and there's lots of people who could figure out a way to remount a short blade.

    The groove looks much too short to be a fuller, and some googling strongly suggests fullers are limited to swords and bayonets; much longer blades.
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    Dave apparently isn't a photo manipulator. Here's one slightly better, but a little grainy.

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    It looks like a hole or slot in the blade which might be useful for removing barbed wire from a post or otherwise bending wire or filament.
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    The photo is a direct link to a friend's FB post. I might have manipulated it, but figured the effort wasn't worth it.

    I think you're right about repurposing. I notice a screw holding the handle to the blade.
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