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Homework Help: What is the Radial Acceleration

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    Consider a planet of radius 5.53 106 m with a rotation period of 24.3 hours. Compute the radial acceleration of a point on the surface of the planet at the equator due to its rotation about its axis.

    What is the Radial Acceleration.

    the formula I have is (4Pi^2R/T^2)
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    Sorry, but what is the radius? 5.53106m? I don't understand what you wrote.
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    I think Sunnie means the radius is 5.53 x 10^6 m.
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    If the equation you have given is the correct one for solving this problem then is it not just a case of plugging your values into the equation.


    Your value for r is [tex]5.53\times10^{6}[/tex]

    Your value for t is 24.3 hours.
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