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WHAT is the reason gravity SHOULD be stronger than maganetism?

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    What is the reason gravity should be stronger than magnetism. I heard a speaker talk about what prompted scientists to look for other dimensions, and it was because they were looking for the drain on gravity, but what is it about gravity that makes it appear that it SHOULD be stronger than magnetism?
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    I am not sure what you mean by SHOULD. Gravity is a lot weaker than electromagnetism and scientists wonder why, but not necessarily stronger than e-m.
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    Because Gravity is always attractive, there are no circumstances, as with the electromagnetic forces, where you can get cancellation - so it just goes on and on and on. Its effect is far reaching whereas electromagnetic forces soon get lost.
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    Thank YOU, sophiecentaur, that is EXACTLY what I was looking for.
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    middling, I'm not sure how what you're saying relates to my request. I thought it was a simple request, but obviously it was worded in a way that caused some ruffled feathers. I simply wanted to know WHY some scientists were compelled to find gravity elsewhere in the universe, because of how gravity is on this planet. I wanted to know why some scientists have a problem with what they perceive to be a "weakness" in gravity. That's all.
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