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What is this thing?

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    Not the device - the function.

    This is in a pub. I've paid for my dinner by Interac, and the waitress got distracted and left the device with me. After finishing with my transaction, this menu (pic: menu.jpg) appeared on the device.

    What on Earth could Advice be?
    So I pressed it, and it went to the second screen (pic: input.jpg). The title is Advice, and all that it provides is a field for entry of a dollar amount.

    I asked two waitresses, and neither of them had any idea what it might be for.

    Obvious throwaway answer is that they charge for advice here, but seriously... any ideas?

    menu.jpg input.jpg
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    Well, in the UK you would get an "advice" slip from an ATM which would tell you the details of the transaction (amount withdrawn or, if from your bank, your balance and available daily funds). So maybe it's something like this - checking how much money is on a prepaid card?
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    Red Light district?
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