What istime?

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what istime??

dear reader,
my question is simple: what is time scientifically???????????[?] [?] [?] [?] [?] [?] [?] [?]

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No one knows.
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In quantum mechanics a parameter not an observable.

In relativity (both kinds) a dimension.

Beyond that, what he said.
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NIST: time and frequency

to make more of 'time' requires philosophy.


SEP: the experience and perception of time

SEP: temporal logic

SEP: being and becoming in modern physics

questions: Is time essentially fundamental? Does every attempt to derive time lead back to concepts that already presuppose the existence of time/temporal references? Are time qualifiers in language irreducible elements? (example: "What happened before time began?" --> "happen", "***ed" past tense, "before", "begin", "***an" past tense)
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Originally posted by benzun_1999
dear reader,
my question is simple: what is time scientifically???????????[?] [?] [?] [?] [?] [?] [?] [?]
Time is basically that which distinguishes different states of the universe. For example: Consider actual but particular arrangement of particles in the universe. Since there are more than one such arrangements then what is different? Furthermore there is particular way in which these arrangements are related to each other. This relation is the "order" in the universe, or what is called "entropy." By 'order' I mean orderlyness of things. For example: If you room is quite neat then it's order is 'high.' Everything is in 'order.' If your room is a mess then its of 'low' order or 'disordered."

So this phenomena of different arrangements and the relationship to order is called "time."

As 'time' increases things change, i.e. the particles in the universe moved, and things move to an overall disorder.

So label these different arrangements with numbers and call these numbers the time. But not that the number itself is not time - time is that which the number refers to.

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time is an independent factor,an abstract on.

finding relation between two unknown function is very difficult and may not have any. but with a known one its easy to define a function.

i hope that u got my point ..

pleae fell free to correct me it iam wrong...
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Time is a measurement of motion applied to your measure of motion in yer brain. The relationship is your understanding of it. You prolly autta ask - What is motion.