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What job should i be thinking of?

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    Hey, although im 14, i have known for a long time that i want to be a physicist. My dream job would be to work at the LHC or at fermilab. I was wandering what universities offer great physics courses in the UK and would be right for me. I have an IQ of 162, and enjoy maths and physics.
    What universities should i be aiming for?
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    1. IQ doesn't matter.
    2. Coursework doesn't matter (to a point).
    3. Go to a university with a group at CERN or Fermilab (which probably won't be open when you get to that point) and get a job with that group.
    4. Don't go into it with the mindset that the only job for you is at CERN/Fermilab. I know plenty of grad students whose plan didn't survive first contact.
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    Coursework is pretty much standard everywhere you go. Your main goal, like fss said, is to look for a university connected with CERN. That's basically all you need to. Nothing you really do right now or even for the next 4-6 years will have any impact on you getting a job at CERN. Just do well in your classwork, self-study when possible, maybe even learn a couple programming languages (this last one being actually pretty important) such as C/C++. That's pretty much the best anyone can do at your age.
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