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What Level of Math is Needed to Do Computer Science (Bachelor's)?

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    For a CS Bachelor's, what is the highest degree of math needed (and what is the highest used - optionally)?

    Greatly appreciate the help and feedback!
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    That really depends on the university, but on an overall standard I believe it would be....

    At my university it's 3 semesters of calculus and Linear Algebra (Highest degree I suppose).

    However, I've heard that in the US some universities don't make distinction between computer science and computer engineering but take the latter as a specialization inside their computer science curriculum. I mention it because at mine they are two separated disciplines and the latter requires 2 more courses in math. In the case of you actually referring to computer engineering with the words "computer science" then it would be more like:

    3 semesters of calculus
    Differential Equations (Highest Degree)
    1 Math Elective

    Highest used? I don't know, I would make sure to learn them all well, just in case. That's my opinion.
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    This should be included in the degree plan for the college you're attending or plan to attend.
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    There are a number of schools that only require freshman level calculus for a computer science major. There are some that don't even require that! Some require calculus and linear algebra. A very few, even more.

    How much mathematics is required depends very much on the school.
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    Statistics and probability are typically also required--and are useful in a wide variety of software these days.
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