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What major usually entitles a student to a better job?

  1. Jan 1, 2016 #1
    Information Technology or Health Services Administration? Will acquiring a Bachelors in these majors plus an internship lead to a stable and efficient career? Please give me the pros and cons of each major. Thanks.
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    I would say that an advantage of IT is that it is easier to practice and develop skills in your free time than it is in Health Services Administration. A computer and the necessary software is most of what you need. Maybe you can look up online the number of jobs estimated to open up in each field. But both are in high demand.
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    Danielle, I think I understand your wanting stability, but you may also want to consider doing something you enjoy doing as part of your decision. You will be needing to make considerable efforts and will need to make sacrifices to get your degree at some point. It is much easier to go through hardships, to make sacrifices, if you are working/studying something you enjoy doing.
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    You become 'entitled to a better job' when you performance warrants such.

    You reap what you sow.

    Nothing will dampen your performance more than hating what you do.....
    all day long, day after long day after long day. Do what you love.
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    Vanadium 50

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    I think 'entitled' is not a very good word. A job is not a reward that the universe gives you if you do well in school or select the right major. Discussing 'prospects' might be better.
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    What I really should have said is "having a better chance of acquiring a more profitable position, versus someone who does not have a Bachelors".
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    I watched some college football yesterday, one of the bowl games, and a commentator supposedly quoted one of the coaches who said something like: "Nothing is more fun than traveling to some else's home turf, in the rain and wind and mud, and winning."

    Finding what you really enjoy turns the morning travel to work [or school or a class] a trip of excitement.
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    Searching 'salary by degree major' or sim. Will net a lot of relevant results.
    Of course, they are just averages, you can get paid well with any degree if you are a good employee. And you are much more likely to be a good employee if you are interested in and enjoy your work.
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