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Majors for Students Working Full Time

  1. Jan 26, 2014 #1
    Hi PF,

    My questions involve:
    time constraints
    majors that work with those constraints
    jobs that go with my skill sets

    Background Information:
    My son's mother recently moved and requested, through the Attorney General, I start paying child support. I'm a full time student at community college working on a chemistry associates degree (it satisfies prerequisites for a biomedical engineering degree). The more I think of the highly competitive nature of biomedical, the less it feels attainable while spending time with my son. I'm looking at transferring into a less competitive electrical engineering (EE) program instead.

    The issue I'm running into is time constraints. Courts usually make child support calculations based on 40 hours per week @ minimum wage if the person doesn't make that much money, then there is daycare payments as well. This takes a significant amount of time out of my week that I would have spent studying or being with my son.

    My work history involves being a medical laboratory technician for the Air Force, a hourly chemistry assistance for the community college I go to and a history/chemistry tutor. I enjoy playing with equipment (trouble shooting/maintaining) and working with people.

    Question 1) Is it possible to complete an EE degree while working 40 hours a week? This is assuming that I can take classes around my work schedule.

    Question 2) If it isn't possible, what kind of other degrees are out there that work with full time workers in a university setting?

    Question 3) What kind of jobs are there out there that can utilize my prior work experiences and enjoyments?

    I tried googling information and looking around on indeed but I don't really have the keywords to find what I'm looking for. I live in Austin, Tx. We have lots of tech jobs and biotech jobs.

    Thanks for reading this and helping me think.
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    I'm in the same predicament less the child support deal (kid is at home). i work a full time job as a diesel mechanic.
    so far it isnt so bad. but i am still a freshman. only have 20 hours so far. i just have to cut back on my sleep to find time. i dont know how it will work with upper levels other than pure discipline. and i try to stay a class ahead with math. but i think it is totally doable. but i dont have the experience to back that up.
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