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What science gives back to us.

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    I'm not really sure in what forum this goes, but I decided to put this here.

    We all are people of science, of course. And that made me think about other people and other professions. I see people helping others, making things for others and stuff.
    Sure that science is one of the most important foundation of our world and without it we would not be here. But, what science gives back to you directly?
    A title? A position? A name? A reputation?
    Science seems sometimes a sort of a vice. Once you tasted it you can't stop, even if is not gonna make you 'great' or rich. So, what science gives back to you?
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    Science gives us a honest and objective view of the world. Untainted by religion, prejudice, morals, race, etc.
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    It gives us a way to experience the world/universe in a way we never could.
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    It delivers us from fear and superstition.
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    It's pleasing to accomplish things, and to find things out in a manner that is communicable to others. It is also nice to work on and experience fundamentally new things.
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    There is this guy who observes me in Starbucks, he first noticed me when I was studying with another student who was not understanding the material. He is a regular there and talks to me every time we are there at the same time. I do not even know his name or what his occupation is, but he seems deeply involved in something like anthropology. In any event, he was talking to me on one of my more discouraged days and he said something that really put words to what I feel science does for me. He said "you are in your element." If I were to express it in my own words, science makes me feel like I belong or have a place in this great existence of matter, space, and time. It provides me with feelings of calmness, balance, and being centered. It's like intellectual yoga.
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    In its simplest form, science is an embodiment of knowledge, welcome for anyone to learn its secrets, and also welcome for any further contributions. It's a way to look at the progress that humanity has made once we decided to learn with rigor and purpose.

    Beyond this impromptu definition, science becomes whatever the individual wants. Some apply the rigorous and evidence-based system to other modes of thinking, and enjoy the rationality that pure knowledge can provide. I personally love the beauty that you can often find within, sometimes where you least expect it, but other times you just know that something is beautiful, and always will be.
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    Facts. Science certainly isn't perfect in the truth game, but compared with other sources of "truth" in the USA....
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    Before this thread becomes forgotten, I feel the urge to post this xkcd comic. I feel it's subtly relevant to this thread.

    "The wonderful thing about science is that it doesn't ask for your faith, it just asks for your eyes." ​

    [Source: http://xkcd.com/154/]
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    Somehow it makes me think of

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    "Stop it! You're all individuals."

    *In unison* "Yes, we're all individuals!"

    *One, lone guy* "Well I'm not."

    Great movie.
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    Science makes finding my way in this world a lot less frustrating by helping me sort through all of the bull**** I see on a daily basis.
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