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What sites do you visit on a daily basis?

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    Just about every day I check my mail, check my site (www.bikeflat.com[/url]), check out what's new here, check out a bike forum - [url]www.pedalbmx.com[/URL] and check out what's new at sciforums.com . What sites do you visit daily?
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    Hey a bike rider! Too bad he rides flat, pff, j/k. I have a friend who is really into flatland, never liked it myself, too much practicing, it is very cool to watch though. Personally I ride street/park, but since I started college I have hardly had the time to devote to it. I went to the park a few weeks ago and really sucked lol.

    Sites I visit daily are: yahoo, mainly because its my home page. I usually visit here daily. That is really it, I do visit other sites daily, but I only have visited them daily recently, and I do not plan on visiting them daily in the future.
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    I used to do what they call "freeride" for MTBikes. We North Shore style stuff, but then are trails got trashed.

    I sold my bike now.

    I might try new school skiing or snowboarding.
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