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What soft compressible materials safely work with wiring

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    Hello I am a student working on at home project and I need help on choosing a compressible, soft material that works safely with wiring and electricity. The kind of material I need is something that is compressible and soft, sort of like a foam or gel heal pad that people put in their shoe. The wiring through the material is going to attach to a base plate. If anyone could help list out some safe soft compressible materials that put little pressure on the objects it is between that would be wonderful.

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    Latex (rubber) foam or polystyrene foam would be OK.

    Just avoid the stuff that integrated circuits come in. This is deliberately conductive to avoid static charges.
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    As long as the wires are not getting hot, then most soft materials would work. Could you describe your project in more detail please?

    Welcome to the PF, BTW.
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    I agree with Berkeman in regard to both the welcome and the fact that more information would be helpful. The type of material will be best determined by the application. Silicone sealant can be effective, but I suspect is a little too rigid for your purpose. Latex is great, but so can be polystyrene foam, a household sponge, or multiple other materials.
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