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What to build for high school project?

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    I'm doing a high school physics project on particle accelerators. I know it's not realistic to build an actual particle accelerator, but I'd love to be able to build some model of something that works to go along with the powerpoint. I saw a video of someone using a ping pong ball with conductive paint and copper tape to accelerate the ping pong ball, and I wanted to do something of that sort but couldn't find instructions. If anyone knows of something I could build and has instructions that would be awesome.
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    Here's a demonstration of the Bernoulli Effect:

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    How about using 'gaussian gun', it is about metal balls accelerates due to the attractions of magnetic forces, maybe it is the same as Vodkacannon's idea.

    http://www.miniscience.com/kits/Gauss_Rifle/ <- maybe this link can help you to get the idea.
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    This is the video I initially saw:

    After some research, I believe it's basically a bowl with aluminum or copper tape strips, and a conductive ping pong ball. Applying a high voltage creates the electric field. Is there a simple way to build something like this without taking apart a TV monitor?
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