What to learn in classical mechanics?How to learn it well?

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I am having a course on classical mechanics and find it rather hard..I mean its just too mathematical for me.. I find that lagrangian is mostly about changing coordinates and using formulas... but when I come to doing problems myself i find them quite difficult, like simple problem such as prooving FERMAT's law with calculus of variations.. and so on.. It just seems that I do not know how and where to start
What can I do bout this? is there any recomendation from u guys? any book recommandations?
I just feel that a book by thorton is easier understanding and yet encluding more details than the goldstein one.. am i misjudging?
It's hard to say. Generally, you need to develop the math background to understand how the math is being applied in physics. So the advice would be to study the related math and master it.

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