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  1. In May I will be graduating from a local community college with an associates in general engineering. I will be moving onto a four year school to finish my BS (most likely Temple University). Now my question is, are there any jobs that you could get with only an associates while I continuing my education. I will most likely be focusing on either Civil or Mechanical. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
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  3. I also would like to know, I am just a few classes away from getting my Associates in Electrical Engineering. I have a Diploma in Industrial Electricity and have been working in industrial maintenance for 12 yrs. and am currently and electrical technician (10 yrs. multi-skilled and the last 2 yrs. strictly electrical due to a job change). I have returned to school to get my AAS in EE, so I would really like to know what possibilities lay ahead.
  4. In my own personal experience, Associate Degrees are nearly worthless unless you want to be a Tech.
    I went for an Associate of Applied Science in Electrical Engineering Technology over 10 years ago because I didn't know any better. I got a job doing technical writing that paid well, but really wasn't all that related to EE. And I really didn't like the job. I later got an engineering technician job that was a lot more fun, but didn't pay squat.
    I kept going to school part time and finally got my BSEE last year. I wish I had skipped the AAS degree and went straight for the Bachelor's.
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