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What was your strangest dream?

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    Ivan Seeking

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    Or dreams...Also, are there any dreams that seemed so real that they left unusually vivid memories?

    I once dreamt [after watching some good sci-fi] that I could travel through time by drinking automotive antifreeze [a very deadly poison]. In my dream, some unknown person was convincing me that this would work. I remember looking at the glass vial holding the fluorescent yellow-green liquid and trying to gather strength to drink this stuff. For some reason I knew he was telling the truth. Finally, as I started to drink, I felt myself passing out...as I woke up! As I was waking, I could actually taste the antifreeze [ethylene glycol] for a moment – unfortunately I am familiar with the taste from working on cars. It was an extremely vivid and intense dream that left me wondering for several moments whether or not I had been dreaming. This was probably the strangest and most intense dream that I have ever had. Many dreams are very strange, but when coupled with the intensity, this dream was unique.

    I guess for me this completely rules out the notion that we only dream in black and white.
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    all of my dreams are definetly bizzare. i usually have dreams where i save the world from really unusual things. actually, almost all my dreams are about saving people or humanity or the world or something.

    i once dreamt i was in a big government building that resembled a mall, and it was being filled with cement. i saved as many children as i could through airvents in the bathroom, we got to the roof, but then the bad guys caught me, then i woke up.

    another favorite of mine was when i was testing out daycares, i don't know why, but some bad guys were running this one, so a friend and i escaped through one of those play tunnels then highjacked a pickup truck. they chased us and stuff, but we hid in bushes. i made my friend come back with me to the daycare though so we could save all the innocents.

    i recently had a harry potter dream where i was harry and my friend mike was ron. first i battled snape, but then i realized he wasn't the bad guy, so i dragged ron and hermoine with me to go find the bad guys and stop them. surprisingly, i remember real spells from the story.

    but, i guess my most memorable dream, actually at the time it was a nightmare, was one i had when i was little about giant lobsters invading the earth. they were coming through my vcr and the only way to stop them was to break it. at the time, we ran our cable through the vcr, so i really didn't want to break it. i tried finding some other way, but the giant lobsters were turning people into sea creatures. i was so scared that i woke up in a cold sweat screaming and my mum came in and i told her my dream while my sister laughed at me. my mum sent me back to sleep, when i returned to my dream, i decided to save the world and destroy the vcr and in doing so lose cable forever. fortunately though, the cable guy had turned into a sea creature too, so when i saved him and returned him to normal, he gave my family free cable for the rest of our lives!

    ...yeah, i have weird dreams... i always share them with my sister... she even has her favorites. dreaming is my favorite part of living.
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    i think the strangest dream i've ever hd was a few years back, i was at the beach with my friend, lying on the sand dunes, and this massive tidal wave (sorry, tsunami) appears in the distance (it's a reocurring theme in my dreams), so we watch in horror and awe as it grows bigger and bigger. as it comes up to us, instead of simply slamming into us it starts towering over us, stretching over our head and behind the sand dunes. we quickle scramble up the dune to see the wall of water stretch over the entire sky and over the distant hills. it looked so beautiful, surreal, a sky of water, and there were dark shapes swimming in/behind the water, like the fish had become birds, mm, wierd
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    Did you say anti-freeze or absinthe?


    Fantastic dreams! I loved the
    lobster one.


    I've had the same giant wave dream
    three or four times. It never
    comes crashing down, it just kind
    of hovers there. It's gigantically
    tall, a mile high. Wonderful and
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    Yeah! Tsunami!!

    First a quickie about how I chose my name and then my dream.

    I lived in Los Angeles back in the '80's when Alaska had a fairly decent sized earthquake. A tsunami was predicted to hit the west coast of California within 24-48 (or something like that) hours. By the time it got to LA, it was about 8 inches high. I went to work that morning with a sign pinned to my lab coat saying "I SURVIVED THE TSUNAMI". It pretty much brought the house down.

    The coolest/strangest dream I've ever had was a flying dream. I've had them before, but this one was SO different from the rest... It was the best dream I've ever had.

    I had just left work and was standing on the helipad outside the ER. I thought the word "UP" - and I shot straight up into the sky at about 100 mph and then started to fly home! The wierd thing about this dream (as opposed to other flying dreams I've had) was that I felt absolutely no air movement about my body as I shot up into the sky and flew. I felt like I was in an invisible bubble. The 'feeling' of landing in my pasture was indescribable.

    I think this dream occurred shortly after we got Flight Simulator 2000 and I'd been practicing landing my Lear jet at our (very) small town airport - 'course I had to use part of the highway into town as part of my air strip... FUN FUN FUN!!!!!!!!!
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    I had a dream involving my hamsters getting loose, and Molly Ringwald...
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    My weirdest dream was when i was just a head, no arms legs or body, just a head. That was most weird.
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    Was it a MONKEY head??
  10. Aug 25, 2003 #9
    Nah was my normal head.

    another weird dream last nite, i was racing in the tour de france and i came second to lance armstrong, and all my friends where really upset and diapointed because i had tried soo hard but only got 2nd place.

    The weirdest thing about this is that i dont even like cycling.
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    Ivan Seeking

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  12. Aug 25, 2003 #11
    One of my strangest and most wonderful dreams I had was that I had traveled in a spacecraft to another planet. The colors were amazingly bright. Deep rich blue sky, bright red and brilliant white spaceship. The landscape was golden tan, almost orange. I reached out and toouched something, the wall of the spaceship, I think and actually felt something (I think I must have touched the wall next to my bed), which startled me awake.

    The feeling from the dream was so pleasant, that I thought about it the next night and dreamed a similar dream again.
  13. Aug 26, 2003 #12
    yea i hate those dreams i had like 2 tsunami dreams (unless it was 1 night where i had a pause inbetwenn dreams) and i had to run from them...any other dreams are weird an constanly change and then when i have ones that are actualy entertaing i wake up...someone put me in a coma

    i had another one where i was stuck in a purple bubble but it was a long time ago and i think i was playing metroid for the nes and tehre is abpart where ur in a bubble or soemthing like that
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    This is one I posted under scariest dreams, but I'll post it again. I dreamed I was on a stage with a guillotine. It all had the look and feel of 16th century france and the beheadings and stuff. Well so I was beheaded, and of course I remember everything up to and right after the blade fell. However one thing I didn't mention was that the whole time everyone was chanting "relch" over and over again. Very vivid dream.

    Another one I had when I was 15 or so. I was walking through a field in the countryside. There was a woman with me, but I can't remember what she looked like. We were walking by this big white house- maybe 3 stories. And also we were walking towards some bleachers, and there was a little girl standing at the top of the bleachers facing away from us. Suddenly she fell backwards to the ground. that's all I remember, except for the fact that the little girl had blond hair. Doesn't sound too unusual right? well I had this dream, as I said, when I was 15. I have a daughter now. She has blond hair. I remebered that dream when I first had it, but thought nothing of it. Then it hit me one day that my daughter had blond hair. I'm not a believer in premonition, but it's a striking coincidence. You can draw your own conclusions.
  15. Aug 28, 2003 #14
    Yeah I remember a nightmare of mine.

    Can't really remember the details now, 'cause i dreamt it some years back. It took place on my street, but the back part of it was warped in my dream, instead of a grassy field, there were these huge wooden gates, kinda like those in castles. Seems that everyone on my street were all turning into tentacled things, they just kept popping up. When i shouted for help, no one cared. Some just continued doing what they were doing, while others transformed and came after me. I out ran them. It was damn dark. I kept trying to reach the entrance to my street. In my dream, i was thinking that if i could reach the "outside world" i would be saved. Then i came to this really high door, made with wooden planks and it was painted white. I don't know why, but i entered it. Then i saw 2 old people, one male and the other female. They chatted with me, i can no longer remember what we chatted about, then when i went outside some black thing kept flying around me. It landed beside me and turned out to be a witch. I ran and ran trying to reach the entrance of the street. Some double decker bus had parked itself there, but there was no one there. Before i could reach it, the witch grabbed me. Then i woke up screaming, or at least that was what my mom told me.

    Really peculiar dream.

    Another one was really short. All i remember of it was that some person bought me a hamper, from my point of view, i was a small kid as i had to look up to see the adult. Then poof!, I woke up.
  16. Aug 28, 2003 #15

    Ivan Seeking

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    As a child I once dreamt that I was looking up and saw the sky open; as if it had ripped like cloth and was now exposing a black, unknown place behind the sky. As it slowly became more and more difficult to breathe, I could hear the great roar of the atmosphere rushing through this tear. I remember feeling tremendous fear as I imagined the entire planet gasping for it's breath. I knew that death was surely eminent. Finally I awoke and could still hear the roaring sound. It was actually the sound of a steam release at a nearby factory.

    I remember many such incidents as a child - external sounds causing vivid dreams and nightmares.
  17. Aug 30, 2003 #16


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    One of the oddest dreams of my recent memory involved me standing on a balcony of some sky scraper overlooking Manhattan with a few other miscellaneous people. All of a sudden these gigantic flying saucer type things come swooping above us and keep going by, until the settle and hover on a point in the distance. As this is happening, people on the balcony are shooting at the saucers with shot guns, and I'm kind of standing there wondering why. All of a sudden though there is a panic in the city, like the saucers are initiating an attack. They start sending forth these giant venus flytrap-like creatures to initiate an all out attack, and I remember looking on in horror as one of the flytraps bites the head off of a triceratops that was apparently roaming the streets, as they are wont to do nowadays in the city. Anyways, that's the point where I started running.

    Here are a couple of weird tidbits: in one dream I remember strolling down a part of my old college campus talking with a friend when I look up to see a huge blue whale nonchalantly swimming/flying in the sky. (I think this one must come from the whale they have suspended from the ceiling in the NY Museum of Natural History, though when I had this dream I hadn't been there since I was a child) Another weird snippet involves jumping across platforms above a bottomless pit in a subway station, where there's a layer of water somehow clinging to the wall like the wall has its own gravity, and there's an octopus swimming around in the wall water.
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