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What would be an outcome after i reformat my pc?

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    my brother installed a new video card and a new RAM....
    i have three hard drives... drive c, drive d and drive e

    i am aware about the outcome after i reformat my pc
    and i freshly knew in how to reformat a pc and i havent try it in actual....
    i learned only on youtube
    my drive e is empty

    my problem is....what will happen to the video card and the RAM that installed already after
    i format my pc
    and the files inside the motherboard driver backup-the folder's name, that found on the
    drive d
    and i want drive c to reformat only

    by the way my pc got very slow....and a lot of problems about the software i installed, so i
    decided this
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    You reformat an individual drive, not all your drives (unless you somehow have the drives configured so that it everything is spanned and it looks like a single drive--then again, if you could do that, you probably wouldn't be asking this question!)

    When you install an operating system (say, Windows XP or some such), and you have the actual windows media, and not some stupid restore disk you're offered the option to reformat one or more of your drives (if I remember correctly, it doesn't tell you what the volume is, but it does tell you the volume label, e.g. WD-120xxxxx for a Western Digital 120 GB hard drive) prior to the installation of the operating system. Make damn sure you have the right drive before reformatting.

    Nothing will happen to the video card or RAM (assuming you don't do something really out there). However, you will need to reinstall the drivers for the video card (along with any other hardware that Windows or whatever operating system you use doesn't recognize). Obviously, you'll also need to reinstall the programs you use.

    A better option may be a Console Repair (at least in Windows XP), which keeps all your data, and (attempts to) restore everything back to brand new. Not always good enough, however.
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    now....i understand! i have to reinstall all the drivers again after my pc reformated
    the directx, realtech, ect....thank u

    so this thread is close.....
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