What would happen if Earth's core where moved? (Gravity)

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Quite sure I didn't Google properly, but I'm not well versed so is to be expected. Did find this forum, and have a few times previous to be helpful.

Now what I'm wondering is what would happen if mass from the center/near center of the Earth where moved and dispersed, how would this effect Gravity and the rotation of the Earth?

To apply something tangible to the question; Lets say we use an eruption of Magma from a volcano that has a direct flow path to the core. It erupts 100kg of Magma per second, just to give a number to something. Might this be a means for Earth to 'self regulate' it's rotational speed and gravity? (I am assuming here that there is some relationship to Centripetal Force and Gravity, or that they act similar in that as rotation increases so must the force/mass at the axis center)
If the above is true, might removing mass and dispersing it from man made drillings slow the 'self regulating' process? Say for instance drilling/pumping oil or water.
That is to say, there is a relationship to the amount of mass we take from a central point and disperse to the 'self regulating' of Earth.

As I said, I'm not too smart so don't hold it against me if terms are misused or wrong, and please do correct me so I learn the proper way.




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Welcome to PF, John. Don't take my word for it, because I'm a high-school drop-out and drunk as well, but... my initial take regarding this situation is that no eruption is going to expel any significant amount of matter beyond the planet. The mass, therefore, however redistributed, is still there. The worst-case scenario that comes to mind is if that redistribution of mass imparts some obnoxious "wobble" to the planet's rotation.
stop plate tectonics!


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Did I just hear someone whisper in the distance? :uhh:
... As you go further inside the Earth, the force you feel due to gravity ... forces there, matter or the core will always tend to move to the center of the sphere.
I guess you would have to stop earths rotation first for the core to move
nullifying the Coriolis effect

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