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What's happens when?

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    You throw a rock. What is happening to that rock, and how is the energy transferred?
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    What do you think, just to get the discussion started?
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    Well I think the kinetic energy from your hand is transferred from the atoms in your hand to the atoms in the rock and thereby accelerating it.
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    Not a stupid question.

    When you throw a rock, the kinetic energy from your hand is transferred from your hand to the rock thereby accelerating the rock correct? This is what I think, correct me if I am wrong.
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    Two threads started by the OP on the same topic have been merged.

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    Transfer of Kinetic energy.

    1.I am in 8th grade
    2. I am 13 years old
    3. Don't answer like I'm a physicist
    4.Don't answer like I'm a retard
    5.Do answer like I'm in High school.

    Here is the question:

    Kinetic energy is transferred from one object to another by transferring the energy through the atoms of the object sending the kinetic energy right? Once the energy is transferred from the sending object, the energy that the sending object had, now the receiving object has correct? So if it was pushing forward, now the object moves forward.

    If this is grounds for a warning I really don't know what else to do.
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    No one is going to reply. That's why I made a new one.
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    Sounds good!!!!

    Here is how wikipedia describes it, and does a good job:

    See EXAMPLES for some specific applications. In your example, the hand get's it's energy from muscles burning up calories to move the arm, hand, ball and also the brain to coordinate the activity......and so "biological" energy is converted to kinetic energy.
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