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What's the difference between these two D.E?

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    1. x(x-1)y``+(3x-1)y`+y=0
    2. (x^2 -x)y``-xy`+y=0
    those are 2 examples of the frobenius method, but i don't understand why those 2 use completely different methods to solve...
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    What methods were used to solve each of them?
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    the first used the method of variation of parameters, and the second one
    supposed that y2=cy1 and differentiated that and subsituted y2``, y` and y into the original equation...
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    matt grime

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    Firstly, can you stop calling DEs frobenius: they are not. Frobenius refers to the use of a power series solution for DEs, there are different ways to work out what that power series is.
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