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When CS clashes with Phy.

  1. Dec 18, 2005 #1
    I am actually Computer Science Major but my interest in Physics is rising.I actually want to apply whatever computation skills i learn to Physics.
    I was wondering of the fields in Physics which require very efficient and indepth knowledge of Computer Science.Uptil now ,i have just taken 1 course of Computer science i.e. Algorithms and i wanna know my which upcoming course has got huge applications in Physics(if any!).
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    I can't think of any field in Physics where Computer Science wouldn't be beneficial, or any course of Computer Science that wouldn't beneficial to a physicist.
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    look for a reserach named Landau. He's got a computatioanl physics book.

    It all depends on what your looking to do with physics...
    Comptuational Astrophysics and Geophysics are the ones I'm interested in that come to mind for me. OH and Rigid Body Dynamics/Classical Mech.
    ....but others would benefit in doing numerical sims too.

    Game Physics is another area you might be interested but its just Rigid Body Dynamics and Particle stuff.
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    Well i do know that anything significant in Physics requires coding to do simulation but i meaned something which requires indepth....i am not sure but i could think of Quantum Computing where that's required...
    Some more nice things please..
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    i know we have a class at my uni that's required for physics majors thats all about CS in physics. so... i guess there's some need for it. i can't say how much.
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