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I Where can I get some hot mirror (near) infrared mirror) film

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    I searched for "hot mirror film" on alibaba and ebay with no luck. Only seller I found was selling such films meant for car windows. For that reason it was too thick and a bit expensive because too big. I got one but yeah, it's too thick.

    I figured I would find few Alibaba sellers for glasses makers who want to apply it to their shades or for car or office windows. Maybe I'm searching the wrong term?

    PS. I myself need to reflect 850nm.

    Needed for NIR camera, film and not glass as it has to be bendable.
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    Thank you. I have one such film made for car windows but it seams to pass about 5% of the visible light which results in ghosting (camera sees a very dim ghost of a different view behind the ir mirror because its vis spectrum filter isnt perfect either).

    Is that okay? If the ordinary glass IR filters aren't themsleves more efficient than the answer would be yes.
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