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Where does light go when we switched off the Source of light.

  1. Jul 31, 2010 #1
    Hi, My Question Is taht where does light go when we switched off the Source of light.
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    Re: Light

    What are the surroundings? In a room, the light gets absorbed by the walls. Out in the open (flashlight), it keeps on going.
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    Re: Light

    Is it in theory possible to create a closed room with highly reflecting, non-absorbing materials so that the light isn't lost? would this room stay bright? If so, I guess the viewer would absorb the light eventually in the process of observing the room.
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    Re: Light

    "Highly" reflecting is not enough, it has to be perfect. The walls would have to be perfect crystals of infinite size. But sure, playing on crystal perfection and size, you can tune how long the light will stay inside. Well, at least one wavelength and its harmonics.
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    Re: Light

    But light will be absorbed very soon by YOU
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