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Where should I apply

  1. Oct 5, 2011 #1
    Hi all,

    I'm applying to math phd programs this fall. I'm not sure what I will want to research yet, but I liked analysis best in ug. I've been off school for abt 2 yrs this december. In the meantime I have been teaching mathematics.

    I have all a's in my ug math courses, except for 1 b+ in an easier class. I've taken almost every ug math class. I also completed a masters with my B.S., but I had some issues and my last semester was all b+'s and a-'s. The school is not well known, and I'm guessing my lors will be average. I also completed a physics major, with a 3.5 major gpa.

    My GRE is 720 V 800 Q, and I'm waiting to take the gre subject in Nov. I'm hoping to break 80%, maybe 90%.

    I would love to go to UCLA, but I dont know if that is within my range, given that I dont think my lors will be spectacular, and I've heard that is the most important part of the app.

    Btw, I'm an American White Male
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