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Where to get articles about physics

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    In fact i think that when you want to understand a theory..the best think is to ask the author of it...however the most normal think is that she/he will be dead...so the only chance for you is to read his/her article...that is my doubt..where could i find the articles of the scientist who made history..einstein,feynmann,dirac and others?..

    my request is about a webpage to download copies of the articles of nobel prize winners..in its theoretical aspect.
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    You just need to consult the older journals,

    some now have websites. Physical Review Letters now has a website. They have many of the pioneering papers by people like Feynman and Dirac.
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    Just take into account also that, as time passes and a theory is worked on for some time, people understand it deeper and, usually, find easier ways to explain the basic assumptions involved.

    Original articles (especially Einstein's) are of course always great to read, but bear in mind that they were written in the context of a very different stage of development of physics; very different questions were regarded as interesting or relevant, which may render the presentation obscure for someone from a different time.
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