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Where would I find statistics on gpa by major?

  1. Apr 11, 2012 #1
    I never really thought that I had a poor gpa until an interviewer said they won't even look at someone with less than a 3.5 gpa. I thought that was a little extreme and it has me wondering where I stack up.
    Does anyone know of a place that I could find some statistics on the matter?
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    Why is it extreme to limit your hiring to B+ students and higher?
  4. Apr 12, 2012 #3
    3.5 is not B+. 3.5 is in between A- and B+. That does sound extreme.
  5. Apr 15, 2012 #4
    My University has a +/- system so an A- is a 3.7 and a B+ is a 3.3. My GPA is 3.32 (pretty much the same overall and in major) and while I admit that I could have studied harder and gotten a better gpa, I was never really embarrassed by it.
    I just want to mention on a side note that I was informed by the company HR that they are putting together an offer package for me, so maybe the guy just wanted to see how I would react or something.
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