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Whey new physics must lie around the TeV scale ?

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    I have been reading that we "believe" that new physics must be O(~1 TeV) and not higher and I am trying unsuccessfully to find some ref for this.

    What I do understand is that if we we assume the Standard Model is valid for scales Q<Λ , where
    Λ∼O(1TeV).At one-loop level, we get large corrections to the tree-level Higgs mass (m).
    at the order of Λ^2=10 TeV since the SM scale is O(100GeV).

    So, where the need for O(1TeV) comes from ?


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    Simon Bridge

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    There must be new physics around that scale, but that does not mean there is no new physics elsewhere.
    The assumption that the standard model is valid over those ranges is just that, an assumption. It could be that this assumption is wrong in some way - thus requiring new physics.
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