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Homework Help: Whic topic can I study to solve the following mechanics problem?

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    Can you please tell which topic is related to the solution of the following problem. I first would like to try it and , if I get stuck, I will ask for help.

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    You will just need to study the topic of gear drive trains in general. But the main idea from that question is that the linear tangential velocity of each pairs of gears is equal.

    So VA=VB and you should know that v=rω.

    Thus rAωA=rBωB and so you can get a ratio of ωBA.

    Similarly, for gears to mesh, their modules must be equal


    DA/TA= DB/TB

    Where D is the diameter of the gear and T is the number of teeth of the gear.

    You can see this site for a more detailed look

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    Thanks for explanation, but I couldn't access the link you posted below. Is there any other viable sources about that topic?
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    What happened when you clicked the link? It works for me...
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    You can check Wikipedia for the topic of "Gear Trains". That should have the basic info and equations to get you started.
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